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Boat Keels. Centerboard or Daggerboard

By Stuart Wilson

Centerboard or Daggerboard

Centerboards and daggerboards are raised and lowered by the crew either manually or mechanically and when lowered they provide the same funtions/benefits to that of a keel on larger boats. They are most common in sailing dinghies. The daggerboard is attached to the boat by a pivoting mechanism allowing it to be raised and lowered as required. When retracted it resides in a housing in the centre of the dingy

When raised, they reduce both draft and wetted surface. When lowered, they provide many of the same benefits as a keel, though in smaller boats they are often unballasted. The ballast being provided by the weight of the crew; often referred to as live ballast. Centerboards or daggerboards are common on sailing dinghies, as well as on high-performance catamarans and trimarans.

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