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Bareboat Chartering Summary

By Stuart Wilson

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If you’ve had your fill of flotilla holidays and looking for a boating/ yachting holiday that gives you a greater freedom to go where you want when you want unconstrained by prescriptive itineraries then chartering your yacht on a bareboat basis could be a real and satisfying alternative.

Here are some practical tips when considering a bareboat charter.

Bareboat means that you as the skipper are responsible for both the safety of the boat and all the people aboard.

What are the minimum qualifications required by companies when chartering boats on a Bareboat basis?

This very much depends on where you intend to take the boat.

If you want to Island hop rather than embarking on deep sea voyages then the minimum qualification recognised and required is the RYA (Royal Yacht Association) “Day Skipper” qualification. See www.rya.org.uk

This qualification is recognised in most European countries including Arabia as a region, Russia and Thailand.

Night school classes at a sailing club or FE college are available nationwide, and comprise a Shore Based Theory Course on all aspects of sailing/skippering and navigation, followed by a practical sailing course where typically you live aboard a sailing yacht on average for 5-6 days under the instruction and examination conditions.

For additional more advanced courses visit

The only other qualification that some counties require such as Croatia is RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (SRC) completed in a day. (Radio Operators Certificate)
Short Range Certificate is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and DSC equipment on any British flagged vessel.
If all this studying seems rather a long haul the rewards in terms of competency and above all the safety of you and crew are obvious and compelling! Knowing what do in an emergency and what to say when making a Mayday call could be life- saving.

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