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Rustler Yachts - Introduction

By Stuart Wilson

Rustler Yachts

Rustler Yachts. build a range of 7 hand made sailing yachts that vary in size and specification from the 24 foot open day boat up to their R57. (Rustler 57)

What clearly delineates Rustler yachts from the mass produced yachts that European boat builders are turning out is a business model based on low volume superb quality cruising yachts that are not only beautiful but have excellent seakeeping qualities. Moreover, internal configurations of Rustler boats are bespoke to the clients’ specification so every Rustler will in many respects be unique. Everything apart from mechanical and electric/ electronic equipment is made in house by a team of skilled craftsmen.

You can contact Rustler Yachts at:

Maritime Building,
Falmouth Road
TR10 8AD
T +44 (0)1326 310 120
E info@rustleryachts.com